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लॉकडाउन और पाश

आजकल जब मैं अपनी बालकनी पर आता हुँ तो कुछ पल के लिये निराश हो जाता हुँ। मुझे दुख होता है उन लोगों के लिये जो इतने पैसे दे कर बालकनी वाले घरो में रह तो रहें हैं पर कभी बालकनी पर आते नहीं।

कमरा लेते वक्त क्या इन लोगों ने भी मेरी तरह रोज़ शाम बालकनी में आकर भीनी भीनी हवा का आनंद लेने की कल्पना की होगी? क्या इन्हें भी दो मिनट की उस खामोशी में सुकून की दो सांसे लेना पसंद होगा? शायद हाँ, पर मैं समझ सकता हुँ, शहर की भाग दौङ में छोटे छोटे सपने अकसर नज़रअंदाज़ हो जाते हैं। याद ही नहीं रहता कि दो वक्त रुक कर इन लम्हों को भी जी लें जिन्हें जीने की आज़ादी के लिये इतनी मेहनत कर रहें हैं।

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Where Deaths Are Called Justice

I hear the Nirbhaya rapists were hung today, after 7 years of trial and debate. The people called justice. Hurra!

There was another, a doctor was raped and killed. The perpetrators (alleged) were shot without trial and the people called justice. Hurra!

I wonder if these tough sentences are meant to strike fear in the heart of evil, because I see none.

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Why Write Blogs : My First Failure This Year

I started writing blog seriously in 2017, thinking that I'd write at least one post per week. I am still trying to catch up.

Writing has always been my escape. Sometimes, I write because there is something I want to tell the world. Sometimes, I write because there's something that the people need to know. Sometimes, I write to ease my pain and sometimes, I write about the stuff that I want to read about but I couldn't find it.

But with every post, I ask myself, is my writing actually making any difference?

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I Haven't Decided If I Want To Live : A Not So Internal Monologue.

I was born, yet, I don't remember asking to be born. I don't even recall somebody taking my opinion over it. I don't know if it was possible to for me to have an opinion before existing. Regardless, Life, was given to me.

Life for me, is like a grey, concrete corporate office where one fine day, I woke up with the suit, the tie, the shoes and everything. I don't seem to recall how I got here but I am at the ground floor and there is no way out. Everyone around me seem to be running late for something. Everybody is busy. They all just need to get one floor above. Yet, nobody knows exactly why.

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Honest Job Profile

हर जगह जगह, हर कहीं कहीं,
एक ही demand बस लगी लगी,
हमको चाहिये something special

हमको चाहिये something special,
हमको चाहिये ल्लन टॉप,
कोेई हो Einstein के दिमाग वाला,
जो Stephen Hawking को करदे flop

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Next Chapter: LGBTQ+

I was 12 when I had a fight with a boy in my 'gully', who I used to play cricket with. When he was running away after our little 'disagreement', he called me 'chhakke' and ran as fast as he could.

I just stood there, puzzled, with my cricket bat in my hand, thinking why would someone call me a score and expect me to feel insulted. (In India, hitting a six in cricket is often called 'chhakka', plural 'chhakke').

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Fear, Delusion & Despair - Bhagsunag

I don't believe in Gods. But I do believe in powerful beings. I believe that there are some beings that are treated like Gods, but are not omniscient or omnipotent. They have feelings and go through anger, grief, love or greed just like humans do. They also take offense.

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