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Next Chapter: LGBTQ+

I was 12 when I had a fight with a boy in my 'gully', who I used to play cricket with. When he was running away after our little 'disagreement', he called me 'chhakke' and ran as fast as he could.

I just stood there, puzzled, with my cricket bat in my hand, thinking why would someone call me a score and expect me to feel insulted. (In India, hitting a six in cricket is often called 'chhakka', plural 'chhakke').

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Fear, Delusion & Despair - Bhagsunag

I don't believe in Gods. But I do believe in powerful beings. I believe that there are some beings that are treated like Gods, but are not omniscient or omnipotent. They have feelings and go through anger, grief, love or greed just like humans do. They also take offense.

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A Curious Case of Captcha on EPF

Captcha is a small image containing a code(above) that is used to identify humans from machines. The code visible in the captcha image is supposed to makes sense only to humans.

Since these images can only make sense to humans, captchas are often placed at login screens in order to stop bots or machines from automatically logging in or sending bulk requests in one go (which may sometimes lead to denial of service and server crashes).

Here's a screenshot of Employee's Provident Fund Organization, India's login portal to access passbooks. A portal that employees all over India use to check on their provident fund:

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एक सवाल

मेरे भीतर कुछ हो रहा है।
एक आवाज़ है जो गूंज रही है।
कब? कब? कब? कब?
एक सवाल है जो गूंज रहा है।
कब? कब? कब? कब?
टकरा रहा है अंदरूनी दीवारों से,
तोड़ रहा है।

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