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Where Deaths Are Called Justice

I hear the Nirbhaya rapists were hung today, after 7 years of trial and debate. The people called justice. Hurra!

There was another, a doctor was raped and killed. The perpetrators (alleged) were shot without trial and the people called justice. Hurra!

I wonder if these tough sentences are meant to strike fear in the heart of evil, because I see none.

If the media is there to bring shame or debate in those windows small, shouting to silence, pointing fingers for fun.

I wonder if the justice system is swift, or if is it 'just' only for some? Has the just lost its way, because I see en eye for an eye, rage to come.

Surely the anger listens to no one. But what good is an angry society to anyone?

A change! A Revolution! they say, where is this revolution leading anyway? For respect isn't taught at the edge of the blade.

This debauchery isn't the work of porn, or influence of west, or clothes worn.

It's ignorance, from a civilization old, the shackles it keeps of a culture cold.

The hush hush taboos that fester frustration, where men can't tell disease from menstruation.

Forgive me, I don't see the justice uphold, a sex starved society and some rules of old.