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Why Write Blogs : My First Failure This Year

I started writing blog seriously in 2017, thinking that I'd write at least one post per week. I am still trying to catch up.

Writing has always been my escape. Sometimes, I write because there is something I want to tell the world. Sometimes, I write because there's something that the people need to know. Sometimes, I write to ease my pain and sometimes, I write about the stuff that I want to read about but I couldn't find it.

But with every post, I ask myself, is my writing actually making any difference?

One such blog post was a post from June, 2017 - How anything you print can be traced back to You. I remember writing it because I thought it was something the people need to know about.

I was in Jaipur at my friend's wedding when an unknown account tweeted to me.

I was shocked.

Is that guy really who he says he is? How did he even got my twitter account in the first place? Do I know someone who might have recommended me? I was filled with questions.

Soon he dropped me a DM that mentioned the nature of the case and how he ended up at my twitter profile. I agreed to help him.

Although I cannot divulge the nature of the case but my role was to trace the printer that was used to print a certain piece of document. The SI on this case must have googled about how to do it and found my blog post about it.

Needless to say that I was thrilled to know about it. I always wanted to work with the police to catch bad guys. I tried hard. Harder than I usually do, but unfortunately, I didn't find any tracking information. I failed. May be there wasn't any tracking information on it to begin with. Who knows.

My failure is not the takeaway here. The take away is, when you speak up, somebody listens. Or, somebody will listen in the future.

Whenever you face a problem, or have a solution or you simply feel something, write about it. Document it somehow. You don't know how it'd help someone. Or as in my case, comeback 3 years after to give you an amazing experience.

I don't think anyone is blessed with writing skills. Even while writing this blog post I am having trouble conjuring words. But don't let that stop you. I've decided that I am going to write more. And this time, I am not going to play catch.

When you hit a wall, you write about the wall. When you break through you write about how you broke through.